"So I think It’s Time For Us to Have a Toast" – Kanye West (Runaway)

The Roots ~ How I Got Over

Rhymes, beats, melodies compound great songs and your ears may not recognize if the sound is classic hip hop or a step to the future of the genre. An exciting sound profusion created by a real good hip hop and indie rock mixing.

Klaxons ~ Surfing The Void

This is what happens when pop and rock’n’roll collide! Klaxons can take us to a dizzy, overpowering, psychodelic and breathless space trip.  The hearing of Surfing The Void is getting the proof that blending sounds and experimentations can result in a positive pop music.

Apanhador Só ~ Apanhador Só

Maybe the best brazilian album of 2010! Beautiful songs, great lyrics, smartly well-set melodies and joyful arrangements. It can take us to a delicious southern brazilian folk vibe.

Janelle Monáe ~The ArchAndroid

The single female artist of this list comes up in a year ruled by pop divas and smash-on-the-radio hits. And The ArchAndroid goes beyond the outstanding Tightrope. Janelle runs back in the time, takes the influence of Billie Holiday, Jackson 5 and James Brown to bring the most sophisticated and fresh album of 2010.

Cee-lo Green ~ The Lady Killer

The Lady Killer has got a potential anthem, a romantic waltz, the thrilling Bodies and an outstanding vocal performance (that could only come from a real soulman). There’s also that thrill in the air, going through each track of this album. If it was turned into a musical, even those who dislike this stagey/movie genre could change their minds.

Vampire Weekend ~ Contra

The best year’s startup ever! The most succesful experimental (and also pop) album of 2010. The perfect combination of rhythms and a really clever music work. Only in Contra all those sounds can come together and find harmony to become great songs.

The Black Keys ~ Brothers

The best thing in The Black Keys is the classic rock atmosphere, filled with lots of blues and soul, coming from the origins of rock’n’roll. In Brothers we find all of that, brought in modern lines.

LCD Soundsystem ~ This Is Happening

One of the most breathtaking, bold and damn good albums of this year. Wonderful songs, like I Can Change and dancefloor power song Drunk Girls, also the several beat blends, synthesizers and sound effects, make the LCD’s farewell a really terrible note. Remains the masterpiece.

Arcade Fire ~ The Suburbs

In the year of indie rock stepping up on maintream, The Suburbs have made the biggest entrance. The canadian band created a concept and made the greatest rock songs of 2010. Almost an instrumental perfection, with simple lyrics and smart ideas. To be true, it is a complex album, that comes to our ears in the most simple way. And this is absolutely genial.

Kanye West ~ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Have you seen too many lists around with Kanye West topping at 1st place? Were you expecting something different on this list? Well, we just cannot deny or ignore what just cannot be denied or ignored. This album is simply spectacular, magnificent, outstanding, pop and superlative. I apologize for the exaggerated adjectives. Some may say that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is overdone. They could, but should not. It’s impossible to resist to the beats of Monster, the beauty of Runaway, the power pop All Of The Lights, the tenderness of Devil In A New Dress,  the rhythm of Power, the sample of Black Sabbath in Hell Of A Life and finally the delightful music orgy of this album. It’s a hip hop opera for us to stand and applaud.



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